Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a pretty cool place to visit. I was there for a couple days towards the end of my thailand trip last year and had fun exploring the city with the short time I had. I went to Victora Peak the first night to check out city views. I recommend bringing a jacket because it gets pretty cold at night. The tram was fun to take it up.

Here’s a picture of the ticket and the tram is coming to pick us up.


We were there so late the whole tram was empty! Pretty nice because you don’t have to squeeze with other people or fight for seats.


Love the city view once we got to the top! feeling a bit chilly!


Since it was really late we missed the last tram coming back down and just took a cab back to where we’re staying. The cabs usually come by to pick up customers so you don’t have to worry about not being able to go back down even if you miss the last tram.

I will post more next time on other places I went!


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